About two thousand of us came to Hollywood Forever Cemetery at midnight to wait for the sun to rise over Bon Iver and his gorgeous, ghostly folk howling. Above are a few photos I snapped from the foggy, soggy ground. He only played for about 45 minutes which was a bit of a shock but with the monks chanting beforehand and candlelit picnics stretching for as far as the eye could see, it was quite a night.

More videos and words about the show from LA WEEKLY

Thank you, Bonds, for barely even mentioning that it’s a commercial about you.


If you have an hour or so I urge you to check out PBS’s excellent documentary on the late great Les Paul. There’s great rare footage of back-alley 30’s Chicago jazz clubs, hillbilly country radio broadcasts, Django Rheinhardt and Art Tatum jamming and Les’s earliest multi-track recording and solid-body guitar prototypes, plus Les just talking and hanging out. Even at 90 I remember him jamming incredibly at the Iridium club in New York when I was there a few years back and there’s footage of that too.

Best use of sand toys, bubble guns, car washes and a yellow plastic trumpet. Ever.


September 23, 2009



Ahh ten years ago when financial markets were booming, restaurants such as Cafe Ke’ilu – or roughly “Cafe Like” or “Cafe Make-Believe”, could actually be briefly successful. Opened by a famous Swiss chef on bustling Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv, the stylishly designed Cafe Ke’ilu actually had diners pay to peak at a well appointed menu, only to be served “absolutely nothing.”

From the BBC:

“…It is the ultimate poseur’s paradise, according to BBC correspondent Ade Akintonwa. Cafe Like boasts the most fashionable menu ever – one with nothing on it.
Taking the idea of cafe culture to the extreme, it is a restaurant that sells style, not food. Or so say its owners. Customers can choose anything they want from the most exhaustive menu which includes everything from fried octopus to chocolate rolls in cranberry sauce – but all you will get is an empty plate.

It may seem “stupid” but after two weeks, the owners say business is booming. And there are plans for expansion. Cafe Like is now said to be considering a take-away and delivery service.”

Wow. No wonder it went out of business. Still, I bet Los Angeles would go for it. It would be just like that awesome scene from the movie “Hook”.

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Really. The future is now over there.


The pig-tailed, little-girl voiced crooner plays a bass fiddle bigger than her body and writes and sings some of the coolest, meanest alt-country/blues you’ve ever heard. Based in Memphis, she’s been getting around the globe as an opener but she sure sounds ready to lead. Think Neko Case meets Lucinda Williams meets Bonny and Clyde. Check out MTV’s new interview project “Five Dollar Cover” which features cool behind the scenes videos of Amy.

Pretty funny. People do crack.


September 14, 2009

I always wondered how Mamet could have such success with characters that never speak complete sentences. Realism aside, after two hours it gets a bit…much.



Mamet To Direct ‘Anne Frank’

Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright David Mamet is writing and directing a new film version of The Diary Of Anne Frank. Here are some highlights from his adaptation:
Anne Frank

* When confronted for stealing food, Joe Mantegna’s Putti Van Daan claims not to “give two goddamn fucks in a pig’s ass”
* Fantastic scene in which Anne Frank denies her dad coffee and tells her family that only those with brass balls can survive the Nazis
* Anne’s diary is the only place she is able to finish a sentence
* The lead is recast as Angelo, a 54-year-old longshoreman for whom the attic is a metaphor for sexual repression
* Rebecca Pidgeon is shoehorned into the plot, ruining movie at last minute
* As the Nazis approach, Anne orders the crying baby to “can it”
* The bookcase that covers the entrance to the secret annex is played by Alec Baldwin
* Anne’s death is ultimately less about “Nazis” and more about “the American dream”