September 14, 2009

I always wondered how Mamet could have such success with characters that never speak complete sentences. Realism aside, after two hours it gets a bit…much.



Mamet To Direct ‘Anne Frank’

Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright David Mamet is writing and directing a new film version of The Diary Of Anne Frank. Here are some highlights from his adaptation:
Anne Frank

* When confronted for stealing food, Joe Mantegna’s Putti Van Daan claims not to “give two goddamn fucks in a pig’s ass”
* Fantastic scene in which Anne Frank denies her dad coffee and tells her family that only those with brass balls can survive the Nazis
* Anne’s diary is the only place she is able to finish a sentence
* The lead is recast as Angelo, a 54-year-old longshoreman for whom the attic is a metaphor for sexual repression
* Rebecca Pidgeon is shoehorned into the plot, ruining movie at last minute
* As the Nazis approach, Anne orders the crying baby to “can it”
* The bookcase that covers the entrance to the secret annex is played by Alec Baldwin
* Anne’s death is ultimately less about “Nazis” and more about “the American dream”


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