December 9, 2009

Another Tuesday as it gets colder and darker out – hope some of these tunes put a bit of spring in your step. Enjoy!

Good Old War – “Coney Island”

First track from the ridiculously good “Only Way To Be Alone” LP from last year. The trio of Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz and Tim Arnold mix the acoustic Simon And Garfunkel winter-in-New York-pathos with the jumpy, layered harmonies of harder-hitting folkies like Dr. Dog and What Laura Says.

John Fahey – “Desperate Man Blues”

I somehow never heard of steel-string guitar wizard Fahey [1939- 2001] until last week which is kind of embarrassing. His two disc Anthology which I picked up is a mind-bogglingly diverse set of acoustic mastery, ranging from somber slide blues to spooky Indian raga to grinning Hawaiian swing. He seems to mix a bit of everything together in many of the tunes.

Slim Harpo – “Raining In My Heart”

A cut from Bob Dylan’s “Theme Time” radio show [the theme was “Weather”] features the soulful crooning of Slim Harpo and his echo-dripped blues harp. The Louisiana-born songwriter and bandleader is one of many overlooked bluesman who never quite hit the spotlight even in the blues revival of the 1960’s and had to run his own trucking business for much of his working life.

Les Paul and Mary Ford – “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise”

Sure, Mr. Paul just died so everyone is suddenly interested in him and his work but it’s as good a reason as any to start unearthing the eery, sweet and lightning fast swing-pop that Les and Mary recorded in their bedroom for decades. Some of the first examples of recorded layered overdubbing here makes Ford’s voice practically float across space as Paul’s tinkling, otherworldly guitar pushes it forward.

Langhorne Slim – “Boots Boy”

Recently-released LP “Be Set Free” shows this Philadelphia stage-stomper has fallen deeper into his gospel obsessions and there’s something endearing about the way he seems to nearly blow his voice out with each track.

South Austin Jug Band – “Raleigh & Spencer”

You think you can play fast? Probably not as fast as these guys. Hot diggity dog.


One Response to “MIXTAPE TUESDAY [#2]”

  1. Another fabulous mix. Thanks for a good morning of music Zach.

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