Sometimes you forget how hot and rad Dolly Parton was. Gotta love that hair.


The “She” being the impossibly bright-eyed and somewhat awkward Zooey Deschanel, do-wopping around M-Ward’s (“Him”) echoey guitar splendor.


March 29, 2010

I like this version better than the movie. No joke.

“This Hand Is A Mighty Hand” – Hoots and Hellmouth

“Huff Singers [North Philly]” – Birdie Busch

“Girl From The Greenbriar Shore” – Ralph Stanley 

“Beautiful Things”  – Bobby Darin

“Cinderella” – Langhorne Slim

“I’m Gonna Live The Life I Sing About” – Mahalia Jackson [Live]

“It’s Better To Give Than To Receive” – Ruby Johnson 

“Gracefully Facedown” – Devil Makes Three 

“Take The ‘A’ Train” – Jimmy McGriff

Does this guy just get better with time?

Christ, you paid to get in, and Mr. Redding and his band are killing it up there. Why the long faces??

Just watch…

Shame on me for not knowing that Shel Silverstein wrote the immortal “Boy Named Sue”

Alexis Dejoria crashes at 555mph and then laughs like it’s nothing ten minutes after. These modern girls…

Kind of makes my spine hurt a little.