Different strokes for different folks…right?



March 23, 2011


Sign me up, Mr. Godard!

The lost [and hopefully never discovered] art of cat massage. Whoever edited this is my hero.

Just let it play – the orgiastic jet rides, backstage antics and rare footage of Keith Richards playing ragtime piano to follow.  P.S. get Richard’s new autobiography. It’s awesome.

Just-elected Republican Senator Christine O’Donnell of Delaware was against a good wank even back in her college days. Or was she?

Maybe they just do it different in Taiwan. This should be in film festivals. Talk about a corporate leap of faith.


June 10, 2010

Teach the kids, it’s the newest summer dance craze in Brazil. Could it be the new foxtrot?

One gets the feeling that the poor guy has been missing more than just baseball while floating around in space…

“…seeing an A-Bomb from A-Rod, gasping as the milkman delivers, marveling at the sweet swing of Robinson Cano, admiring the toughness of hip-hip-Jorge, and, of course, the shortstop, number two, Derek Jeter…number two.”