“Bullets” – Tunng

“Troubles Will Be Gone” – The Tallest Man On Earth

“Hushabye” – The Mystics

“Just Your Fool” – Little Walter

“Burn” – Ray LaMontagne

“Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law” – Hank Snow

“Papa’s Got The Wagon” – Gloria Walker

“G.I. Jive” – Louis Jordan (with Dj Bob Dylan intro)

“Burial At Sea” – Caravan Of Thieves


I wonder if these guys can smile. Their tune makes me do it.

The random kitsch of a sea side town tell the whole story. The song is called “Tin Man”.

The Swedish duo Marching Band is made up of Jacob Lind and Erik Sunbring. One of the guys reminds me of a Swedish Jim Morrison. Cool stuff.


April 16, 2010

Hope he has a good life insurance policy!


What a weird sport. The refs just watch? Maybe I should be more into Hockey than I am.

Oh, you can go HERE for the top ten NHL fight’s of the year.

Something oddly creepy about this video. Like the grown men are drooling over this kid. Still, I don’t think I could hit a 85mph fastball…ever.

Sheesh, kids were watching this?

And some pleasant Disney Nazi mythology…

Absolutely stunning and beautiful photo essay about war reporting in the Middle East.